Value-Added Services

Let us help you simplify the job by doing the work of multiple vendors.

Better Wire and Press has a variety of in-house services to support and complement our metal-working capabilities, such as:

  • machining
  • fixturing
  • welding
  • tapping
  • sanding (timesaving)
  • polishing
  • deburring (vibratory and tumble)

We can also perform assembly and pack-out functions, assisting customers in completing the job and preparing for shipment.

We have a complete in-house toolroom, which can design and build tooling, as well as repair and maintain customer-owned tooling. We also have working relationships with outside tool and die houses in the Buffalo area for additional support.

Additionally, we have strategic partners with other vendors for:

  • plating
  • electro-polishing
  • heat-treating
  • anodizing
  • e-coating
  • sandblasting
  • injection molding

Give us the job and we’ll take half the work off your hands and help you get your product out the door faster