Metal Stamping

Our stamping presses are well-suited for short-run or high-volume jobs. We eagerly meet customers’ unique requirements and work closely with our strategic partners within the industry to complete and deliver finished products on time.

Stamped Metal Ring with Punched Holes
Curved Stamped Metal Bracket
Stamped Metal Fan

Metal Stamping and Die Capabilities

  • Progressive Die Stamping
  • Compound Die
  • Single-station blanking, drawing, and forming
  • In-house tool room which manufactures and maintains tool and die

Stamping from 30 gauge (.005″) to 3 gauge (.250″)

  • cold rolled and hot-rolled steel
  • galvanized steel stamping
  • stainless steel stamping
  • brass stamping
  • copper stamping
  • aluminum stamping
  • we also stamp some non-metals such as MDF board

In-House Press Capabilities

  • presses from 10 – 150 tons
  • our press can handle materials up to 77″ long

Multislides for Strip Stock

For high-volume runs, we have a battery of four-slide and multi-slide machines, which produce tens of millions of die-formed parts each year. For short-run production and prototype creation, Better Wire and Press has both manual and power-assisted forming equipment that requires little or no tooling.

Materials that are well-suited to run on a multi-side include:

  • cold rolled steel
  • spring steel
  • stainless spring steels (300-400 types)
  • copper alloys
  • beryllium copper alloys