OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Whether you need a product with stringent or modest tolerances, or with high or low production quantities, Better Wire and Press has the resources and experience to manufacture the components to fit and enhance your product. Our focus is on manufacturing high quality products in direct response to your needs.

Better Wire and Press excels at manufacturing products that are part of everyday life. Variety and versatility are our specialties.

Classrooms throughout the country use our compass components, ball tracks, and rings for butterfly catchers. Respirators used by firefighters contain a brass tube formed by BWP. Drumsticks are given strength with our wire inserts. We manufacture fuse holders, cable holders, and light guards used for industrial grade power supplies and lighting, to name a few. At Better Wire and Press, we are proud to contribute to these everyday essentials.

Our Team Acts as Your Team

Our team of experts can serve as your fixture and tool designers, fabricators, and product converters. Our staff, coupled with our complete range of equipment, allows us to services in-house, saving the time and costs associated with involving third parties.

Furthermore, our ability to design and build tooling in-house offers greater flexibility in the design process, determination and utilization of the most efficient production method, and greater precision and quality of the manufactured part.

We Have the Means for Process Optimization

We understand that time is valuable and thus employ our electronic tools to help expedite your needs. We continually invest in the latest design software and fabrication equipment (i.e. CAD/CAM, SolidWorks, etc.) in order to create the most efficient process for our customers.

Whether you are looking for a single prototype or millions of parts, BWP has the resources and capacities to meet your demand.

For short production runs and prototypes, there are both manual and power assisted forming equipment that require little, if any, tooling.

For high volume parts, there is an array of four slide and multi-slide machines. Our fully integrated facilities, machines, and processes are continually updated and improved to ensure that we have the capacity to expand and handle your needs today, and into the future.

Total Customer Satisfaction Through Continuous Improvement

Our staff at Better Wire and Press offers the same attentive courtesy to every customer and order, regardless of size. If we conclude we cannot successfully meet your needs, we will do our best to guide you in the direction of someone who can.
Quality and continuous improvement are always a top priority. Every employee contributes in our quality process and ensures that our service and production meet your established requirements, order after order, part after part.