Production Powder Coating Line

In-House, High-Volume Powder Coating System

Better Wire and Press Employees Loading Powder Coating Line
Powder Coating Line Degreasing
Better Wire and Press Employee Powder Coating Metal Fittings
Finished Product on Powder Coating Line

We have a conveyorized system which is ideal for high-volume production runs.

Our electrostatic powder coating process features a 3-stage parts washer, which includes an iron phosphate spray wash to clean and prepare the part surface to ensure adhesion of the coating. The conveyor then moves the parts through the bake oven to cure the coating, resulting in an attractive, extremely durable finish.

A variety of powder types, colors and textures are available:

  • hybrids, epoxies, polyesters, urethanes
  • hundreds of colors: primary, metallic, florescent
  • matte to high gloss finishes, including textures
  • options for both indoor and outdoor applications